General Armor

Armor is your best means of defense in LaTale. You should always keep it up to date. Here you can see each individual pieces of armor, and their stats.

Regular Sets

Here we have compiled collective stats of all the regular armor sets, for your convenience. Using this you can easily compare the defense value of each set of armor, and compare them to each other.

Here is information and pictures of each regular set:

Special Sets

Special sets consist of sets that give set bonuses. The only way to get these sets is from instances and armor crafting. These sets are usually the best things to go for, and will almost always be better than your regular armor, unless your regular armor severely out levels your set armor, or your regular armor has some really good stats.

Tip: Wearing two pieces of set armor, such as helmet and gloves, gives you a big defense bonus, and it will almost always result in you having more defense than with your regular set's helmet and gloves. It is recommend to use the helmet and gloves because these are the two pieces with the least difference in defense compared to your higher level regular gear.

You can compare all special sets here:

Armor Crafting Sets

Here is a list of each set that can be made through armor crafting:

Instance Sets

This is a list of armor sets obtained from instances: