Welcome to LaTale! This section of the Wikia will teach you how to start your game, choose your server, channel, and make a character.

Starting up

First things first. You must register for OGPlanet to play the game. You can do that, and down load the game here.

-insert installing guide link, here-

After installing if it doesn't open up right away, click the icon on your desktop.

This is the launcher. When you click on the LaTale icon on your desktop, this is what should pop up. If the start button is not up, let it patch and it'll show up. Click it. This will bring you to a loading screen and on to...

This screen! This is the log in screen.

Here we see the log in box. Enter your ID and password to enter the game.

On this next screen we see the server list, select Iris to continue to...

This screen. Select a channel.

Here we are at the character select screen. You see you have no characters.

Here is where your options are for your characters. Create one, delete one, or enter the game here. Lets click on Create!

This is the character creation screen I will be breaking the different area's down.

In this section, you choose a name, gender, and class for your character. Be careful when choosing your name and class. You can not change these, and once a character is deleted, you can not use that same name.

Here, you can change the looks of that character.

This is where you see you character while you are editing it. Click confirm when you are done.

Here is your new character! Now all that is needed is for you to click Select Character and start your journey.