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Warrior Explorer Wizard Knight
Warlord Blader Treasure Hunter Gunner Sorcerer Bard Templar Guardian

Icon Name Description Type Price SP Cost Skill Point Used Max Level Requirements
N/A Knuckle Mastery [Novice] Raises accuracy 1% per level. Passive 100 ely x 1 5 Level 1
N/A Knuckle Mastery [Skilled] Raises basic damage of knuckle damage. Passive 7,500 ely x 1 10 Level 15, Knuckle Mastery [Novice] Lv.5
N/A Knuckle Mastery [Expert] Raises accuracy 2% per level. Passive 27,000 ely x 1 10 Level 30, Knuckle Mastery [Skilled] Lv.5
N/A Flame Kick II xx Active 126,000 Ely 30 2 4 Lv.60/65/70/75, Knuckle Mastery [Novice] Lv.1
N/A Wind Kick II xx Active 175,000 Ely 38 2 4 xx
N/A Cres. Kick II xx Active 232,000 Ely 63 3 4 xx
N/A Dragon Kick II xx Active 297,000 Ely 89 3 4 xx

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