The Invoke Flame Set is obtained from the Lair of the Evil Dragon Instance and each piece can drop from a Maubern Soul, Fierie, Sir Percival or Nue located within the instance. They can also be dropped from the boss, Invoke EX at the end of the instance. There are 5 pieces to this set, and they are all untradeable, but at the moment they are able to be stored in your bank.

This set has good fire resistance and it is recommend for its level; it is usually good up until you get your Hyunmu Mountain Set, unless your regular gear has good enchants on it.

Set BonusEdit

There is a set bonus for this set depending on how many pieces of the set you have. Each bonus is accumulative and stay with you as you get more pieces of the armor. For example, say you have two pieces, you get +150 Defense, then you find your third piece, you then get +150 Defense AND +100 HP.

Here are the bonuses:

  • One Piece: None
  • Two Pieces: +150 Defense
  • Three Pieces: +100 Max HP
  • Four Pieces: +100 Max SP
  • Full Set: +3% Critical Rate; +3% Magic Critical Rate; Fire Enchant Lv. 5; +35% Ely Gain

Armor PiecesEdit

Here are the different pieces of the Invoke set:

Image Name Required Level Defense Phys. Dmg Defense Fire Resistance Max Enchant Level
FlameHorn Invoke Flame Helmet 25 86 4 42 3
FlameSuit Invoke Flame Plate 26 149 6 84 4
FlameWear Invoke Flame Short Plate 26 149 6 84 4
FlameJupon Invoke Flame Kilt 26 124 6 68 4
FlameSkirt Invoke Flame Skirt 26 124 6 68 4
FlameGantlet Invoke Flame Gauntlet 24 56 2 34 3
FlameBoots Invoke Flame Boots 27 77 4 51 4