This is a five level dungeon located in Arcadia Five. A party is required to enter, but like Invoke, only four party members may enter at a time. Hyunmu is the boss of Shangri-La. You do not need to destroy all the monsters in this dungeon. Zin Great Monkey is the miniboss of this dungeon. Hyunmu is encountered in the final room. When Hyunmu is defeated,he makes a roaring sound (similiar to Invoke) and light bursts come out of him until he explodes into blue orbs. You will spawn in a certain area in Arcadia after completing the dungeon. A quest is avaliable after completing it,too. The quest is that you have to defeat Shaowee in a fight. Hyunmu has around 600,000 hp. zin great monkey has around 9,500. shaowee has around 105,000.


White Tiger

Zin Great Monkey (Miniboss)

Turban Shell

Frog Prince

Hyunmu (Boss)

Shaowee (Quest Boss)

Monster LocationsEdit

White tiger:1,2

Zin Great Monkey:All Except for boss room

Turban Shell:all except for boss room

frog prince:all except for boss room

Hyunmu:boss room

Shaowee:boss room