•Blue Wolf Spear(Spear, lvl 10 or more)(IT JERKS IN YOUR HAND)

•Bogle Sword(One handed Sword, lvl 14 or more)

•Goblin Mace (Club, lvl 18 or more)

• Bear Great Sword (Two Handed Sword, lvl 26 or more)

• Goblin King Great Punch(Knuckle, lvl 27 or more)

• Gumiho Cute Staff (Staff, lvl 30 or more)

• Privaring Dagger (Dagger, lvl 32 or more)

• Tigris Bow (Crossbow, lvl 33 or more)

• Selki Polar Dagger (Dagger, lvl 35 or more)

• Ice Lady Ice Arrow (Bow, lvl 37 or more)

• Cherry Ghost Soul Spear (Spear, lvl 43 or more)

• Canine God Spirit Sword (One handed sword, lvl 49 or more)

• Sexy Flower Staff (Staff, lvl 50 or more)

• Bloody Cube Heart Arrow (Bow, lvl 52 or more)

• Sandman Hurricane Hammer (Club, lvl 55 or more)

• Lamia Golden Snake (Knuckle, 60 or more)

• Specter Horror Sword (Two Handed Sword, lvl 63 or more)

• Deadly Queen Bee Poison ( Crossbow, lvl 67 or more)

• Javawalk Magic Dagger ( Dagger, lvl 72 or more)

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